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Airbrush Tanning Company, celebrating our 13th year Anniversary is the most experienced airbrush tanning salon in Southwest New England. Cheryl Dumas, owns and operates the Airbrush Tanning Company and is a reputed airbrush artist in the region. She was recently featured on ABC6 News.

The 1960's brought the advent of self tanning lotions and creams to achieve the much coveted suntan when the sun wasn't available. Legends of those notorious orange and streaky tans persist to this day. The potential of the active ingredient (DHA) to produce tan skin was recognized, despite the disappointing deficiencies of applying lotions and creams.  Products that delivered uneven and inconsistent tans, that were often too orange or yellow, not to mention smelly, were the only alternative to UV tans for decades. Around the year 2000 it was clear that not only had there been substantial improvements in the application methods of the tanning products, but the products themselves had changed in form and quality. Benefiting from innovative scientific research, as well as the advancement of manufacturing technology, tanning products that produced beautiful, consistent results begin to show promise.
Airbrush tanning is the use of an airbrush artist's equipment to precisely and uniformly apply the DHA solution over the surface of the skin in the form of a mist. No less than ten or fifteen people across America claim to have "invented" the idea of using an airbrush to apply liquid tanning solutions to the skin, and perhaps they all did discover it rather simultaneously. The equipment itself ranges from precise instruments and compressed air used by artists, to HPLV systems traditionally used in industrial applications painting larger surface areas, such as automobiles. Spray booth tanning is another recent innovation in the application of DHA solutions.  Instead of a customized application by a technician, it more resembles a car being sprayed at a car wash, utilizing as many as 50 nozzles simultaneously.
Spray tanning solutions can contain a water-soluble bronzer that imparts an immediate tan color, while the tan resulting from the Maillard reaction is developing.  The temporary bronze tint will wash off with the next shower. Most professional salons will also offer Natural, a DHA solution without any bronze tint added.  The Natural solution develops the same tan as the Bronze solution, but avoids the nuisance sometimes associated with the bronze tint. There is no UVA or UVB radiation associated with airbrush tanning. As the skin naturally exfoliates, the color fades, similar to how a UV tan fades. 
There are many factors that may impact the quality, color and duration of airbrush tans. Professional factors include quality of DHA solution, the training and experience of the technician, consumer education, and the caliber of equipment used.  Lifestyle factors include things such as frequency of activities which cause sweating, swimming in chlorinated or salt water, length of baths, and frequency of shaving and/or exfoliating. Other factors that have the potential to impact the wearability of airbrush tans are skin related, including skin condition (dryness, sun/UV damage, disease), skin ph, and an individual's skin regeneration and sloughing patterns.
The use of other products can also detract from or enhance airbrush tanning results. The use of certain soaps, placement of fragrances, and prescription drugs or medications such as Accutane, can potentially impair tanning results. Products such as PREPARE Full Body Exfoliate and Sluff Wipes will eliminate some adverse skin issues prior to an airbrush tanning session.  The use of a tan extender such as MAINTAIN and regular moisturizing will enhance and extend airbrush tans.  This sample list of DOs and DON'Ts, but an example of why educated, well-trained airbrush tanning technicians are essential to creating happy and delighted airbrush tanning customers.
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